Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A day in the life of Simon Smith, Australia's best Cyber Security Private Investigator & eVestigator Expert Witness

eVestigator Simon Smith, is an online Private Investigator that is able to find anonymous people who post defamatory information under fake names and who may be engaging in cyber stalking, cyber bullying, or cyber scams, such as online dating scams. He performs his services with over 20 years of experience backing as a Master Computer Programmer and is an Australian expert in Cyber Security. His methods for tracking down criminals are legal and unique and involve a high level of capability that comes from skills as a Private Investigator, Forensic Consultant, Expert Witness, and Social Engineer.

Most of his customers turn to him when they get no results from police or other areas as this is a highly proficient area of expertise that requires Simon Smith (who trades as eVestigator) to use his skills in IT that have developed over the years. He has been successful in using techniques like IP address tracing, locating the source of fake Facebook accounts, fake Instagram accounts, fake Gmail accounts and fake email accounts who may publish defamatory content or stalk their victim on blogs such as WordPress and leave false and defamatory reviews and bringing them to police attention.

The best benefit Mr. Smith can offer is his ability to provide expert evidence, expert opinion and expert witness testimony to the courts. He is an expert witness and assists many client, lawyers, in-house counsel and barristers in litigation cases where technology and social media intelligence is needed. He is also one of the rare few intelligence agents who understands and can give evidence on the workings of the dark web, bitcoin and blockchain. In his general life, he is a successful entrepreneur who has created patents and used his skills to develop successful businesses under his main company RPL Central.

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